I f*cking love this drum!

So many realistic sounds to choose from, no hassle with miking, very expressive, not to big nor small and it has the right weight in my opinion. Super for creating rhythms or even atmospheres!
Adding a 2nd Wavedrum would be a dream, I can imagine how great it would be when tuning them in intervals.
Using brushes, drumsticks or your hands, it all affects the sound in a different way, the same as it would with a real drum.

My philosophy has always been to start a new song from scratch, I just don’t like using loops.
I love to make/play music! I really don’t like endless sessions of scrolling through- and auditioning loops. It just ruins the vibe, it kills the drive and it’s it not fun but boring!
Editing is different, it’s not the most fun part of the process but it takes place after the magic has happened.
So the Wavedrum, it gets used a lot.

Also when performing live it’s truly a great addition to the performance. But be careful with loud monitoring though as is could cause feedback, the Wave drum has build in microphones to analyse & mix the sound when stroke and there is a chance it might pickup the sound of the monitoring!

The Wavedrum can be heard on the track Coil Train, I used some of the oriental drum sounds.

And please, give Korg some love too.