Spending time with the modular I realised I truly hate ad/dc wall adapters.

Guitar FX pedals all need them (unless you invest a fortune in batteries), those bulky things that seem to be designed to ‘not fit’ properly in your power brick and are in no way compatible between different manufacturers. They’re also quite fragile, kind-of heavy, you’ll quickly end up with a mess of cables, connecting the pedals can be a puzzle because cables always seem to be too short or too long, placement of inputs/outputs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and a pedal-board can be a solution but not if you mainly use them in various configurations on synths in the studio.

Modular synths on-the-other-hand have bus-power, every module is internally connected to a powered bus-board, no mess with cables or splitters and maximum 1 power-cable per cabinet.

I made up my mind about expanding, an advanced audio processor it will be!

So the following modules where added:

– audio input/envelope generator

– crossfader/FX insert

– trautonium formant filter

– voltage inverter

– exponential mixer

– exponential VCA

All these are great modules but the audio input/envelope generator is the best by far, it’s an input for guitar, microphone, synths, drum computers, computer audio,… and it simultaneously converts the amplitude of the signal to control voltage thus generating an envelope, very useful indeed!

A great trick with all the filters is to sequence the cutoff frequency with the Doepfer Dark Time to create rhythmic modulation.
Very interesting and all very addictive!