Producing music is an important part of my life, almost a lifestyle, the instruments I use define who I am, perhaps even more than the actual music I make.

‘Instruments defining who I am’ sounds like a weird thing to say but we live in a commercial world in which we are all consumers, if you can feel different when wearing particular styles of clothing you can feel different too if using particular instruments, especially if there’s a community attached who invent and develop these instruments.

Modular synths are instruments that have a rich history because they were pretty much the first synths in existence. The last ten years there is a surge in interest in these machines and now there are so many modules available that every modular build is unique, the sound of each modular is very personal and unique too, thus featuring a very distinct style.

By assembling and expanding my modular machine I support these small enterprises who are creative and make crazy modules out of pure passion for electronics & synths.

Those manufacturers are enthusiasts too and they interact with their customers in a very pleasant manner, feedback is super important to them.

It feels wonderful to be part of such a strong community and it adds much joy to my (life)style of producing music.