From audio processor to synthesiser.

Using the modular with my Moog Voyager’s oscillators is great, but it’s time to make it stand-alone. I actually only need to add envelope generators and oscillators.

Tiptop Audio make great high quality products and their oscillators are really versatile so I chose 2 Z3000 mkII oscs, for the envelope generator I couldn’t resist the Quad ADSR from Doepfer.

A midi-to-cv converter is the cherry on the pie, Doepfer’s A-190 may be the more expensive one and needs an additional +5v add-on but having clock + midi thru is a bless and the lack of usb is no problem, in my opinion midi over usb sucks anyway.

The next step will be to replace/add some key components of this already amazing machine with higher quality ones. A few delay/reverb FX couldn’t hurt either.