My Modular Machine was already great but let’s make it monsterly great! I ordered a ‘Doepfer Monster Base’ eurorack case and it’s gigantic!

It’s a meter wide (about three feet) and 6 units high so it can hold two long rows of modules.

The lower row is in a horizontal position thus ideal for control- and touch sensitive modules, the upper row is at an 45° angle which, in my opinion, is ideal for sequencers and modular synth voices.

The large base is also good for stacking other cases on top, or other devices like drum computers.

With so much space available it is necessary to cover this space up with blanking plates, they prevent patching cables from touching the power busses inside the case which could lead to serious damage and electrocution.

Next on my wish-list are modular touch controllers and a TB303 sequencer from Acidlab, they will be great for live performances. A good system to sync everything is also important and high om my wish-list.