A modular is all about touch, touching the knobs, patching the cables, flipping the switches, feeling the sound…

Adding a Makenoise Pressure Points was high on my wish-list and it finally arrived today, together with an Analog Memory and Brains. These modules extend the capabilities of the Pressure Points to eight 4-step sequencers.

Another great addition to my setup is the Acidlab Autobot, a beautiful 303-style sequencer in modular format.

These sequencers have to be synced therefor I attached an ERM midi clock to a blanking plate so it would fit inside the modular case and the Doepfer A-190-8 midi sync will convert the midi clock signal to gate signals.

new modules:
– Makenoise Pressure Points
– Makenoise Analog Memory
– Brains
– Acidlab Autobot
– Doepfer A-190-8 midi sync

Be sure to visit Makenoise & acidlab.de